Contemporary Dance in Europe; abstract of the seminar with Bojana Cvejic

Contemporary Dance in Europe: Vicissitudes of the Field

seminar with Bojana Cvejic

13 June, 3pm-6pm & 14 June, 1pm-4pm, Brussels


During the 1990s, a new set of actors and working conditions, as well as institutional infrastructures emerged in the European dance scene, often coupled or identified with “performance”. In retrospect, it is considered under different names: “experimental dance” (Ramsay Burt, André Lepecki), choreographic performance (Helmuth Ploebst), or, simply, “contemporary dance”.

In the first day of the seminar, we will map the field with its concepts, actors, works, modes of production.

In the second day, we will focus on a few problems that constitute the field today:

– conceptual and dramaturgical production of problems

– mutations of the medium: the rupture of the body-movement bind

– apparatuses of presentation: from theater to museum and elsewhere

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