Focus of the gathering: LocoMotion #8 
Festival for contemporary dance and performance
Skopje, 24 – 26 October
Saturday 24.10.2015
10:00-12:00 Critical Practice program: 
Presentation of the festival and local scene in Skopje, by Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski
internal working session
20:00 STREAMLINED/ Authorship & performance: Igor Koruga/ @YCC

Sunday 25.10.2015
10:00-14:00 Critical Practice program: internal working session
20:00 -das marionette- : Saudade/ Performed by Adriana La Selva, Live music by Arnaud Stox /@YCC
21:00 VERFREMDUNGSZWECKE/ Purpose Of Alienation/  @YCC
Choreography: Angela Kecinski / Performance: Teresa Hoffmann, Angela Kecinski, Elisabeth Leopold, Patricia Mai
Monday 26.10.2015 
10:00-14:00 Critical Practice program: internal working session
Discussion organized within Critical Practice programme. Representatives of the local cultural scene that take part in the discussion: Filip Jovanovski, Ivana Vaseva, Ivana Dragsikj.
20:00 MOVEMENT OF LOVE/ Author: Sabrina Železnik/ research presentation / @YCC
21:00 MRF/ Co-authors, performers, music and text: Dragana Zarevska and Aleksandar Georgiev // research presentation /@YCC


Programme of LocoMotion#8 is followed by the participants of Critical practice_Made in Yu. They have been engaged in festival programme through different activities.
Critical Practice (Made in Yu) Participants 2015: Ida Daniel, Kristof Farkas, Shir Hacham, Livia Andrea Piazza, Aisling Marks, Stina Nyberg, Ana Schnabl
Mentor: Ana Vujanović // coordinators: Marijana Cvetković Marković and Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski


Organizer of the festival: Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture/ partner Teatarot na Navigatorot Cvetko and project KINO KULTURA
Festival programme of LocoMotion #8 is supported by Municipality Centar through project KINO KULTURA, Goethe Institute Skopje and Ministry of Culture of R. Macedonia
Critical Practice _Made in Yu_programme in the frame of Life Long Burning project is supported by EU programme for Culture.
Thanks to project KINO KULTURA, Youth Cultural Centre, all artists, cultural workers, curators and friends involved in realisation of LocoMotion #8 that have donated their time, knowledge and fees for its realisation.

See full program of LocoMotion#8 at:

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