NOW OUT: A Problematic Book by Critical Practice (Made in YU) 2

What does it mean to engage with critical practice within and around the arts?

A Problematic Book is a journey throughout one year of gatherings and discussions on art and politics across Eastern and Western Europe. It approaches a critical thinking and art making by taking the notion of “problem” as a point of departure: What does problematic actually means? How can we think of problems as a productive ground for critical thinking and practice? Do we have a chance of getting rid of cynicism? And if yes, what do we find in its place?

A problematic book contains a multi-layered dialogue among the participants of the second cycle of Critical Practice (Made in YU) and guest contributions by Bojana Cvejić, Mårten Spångberg
and Ana Vujanović.


Download PDF here.

A Problematic Book

by Ida Daniel, Kristóf Farkas, Shir Hacham, Aisling Marks, Stina Nyberg, Livia Andrea Piazza, Ana Schnabl

Belgrade: Station Service for contemporary dance, 2016

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