Critical Practice (Made in Yu) at the Feminist Futures Festival in Amiens and Lisbon

La Maison de la Culture d’Amiens and Teatro Nacional D. Maria II have teamed up in an exceptional way to organize the Feminist Futures Festival, a unique venture shared between Lisbon and Amiens from January 17 to 29, 2022. This festival is part of the Feminist Futures project by the apap network.

The participants of the Critical Practice programme attended the programmes co-curated by the two institutions in both cities from 20 to 27 January and participated to several open and internal debates that questioned the issues of feminist curating, feminist festival and institutional model, critical reflection of decolonization in performing arts, feminist dance and performance practices etc.

They had a chance to see performances of the apap artists Sergiu Matis, Buren Collective, Paula Diogo, Naomi Velissariu, and to attend sessions of the Feminist School, a special format organised within each Feminist Futures Festival, and dedicated “to enable a constant exchange of practices and knowledge among partners, artists and audiences in a non-hierarchical, feminist environment, while offering all participants the opportunity to acquire new skills.” Detailed program of the Feminist School programme can be found here.

In between the programmes, Critical Practice group had discussions with the artists, performance analyses, as well as discussions on other topics related to the Feminist Futures programme.  These sessions were the examples of a collective work what will include writing a collective text about this experience.