systering Book

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Dear Sisters! The book that we have been crafting with much love and care is ready and awaiting your attention. It comes to conclude the year and a half of the fellowship time that we were lucky to share with each other, our mentoresses and associated colleagues. It marks also an opening towards the future …

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Con-texts: the curatorial, the lake, the writing bodies and bodies of water 

The Summer School was held in Struga in the south-western part of Northern Macedonia, where I have never been before. The context was new for me – as it was for all of us. After having spent the prequel few days in Skopje – a city touched with the monumentosis compulsion, I found this decentralizing decision to meet in Struga bold and tempting, and soon I also realized that it brought my thinking about curatorial practices down to earth, maybe even to the underlands of its mission, to the very context of where we are, what we can(not) give to the context, what we can(not) take from it, what temporalities we still keep in our bodies, and with who we would be shifting them in days to come.

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Beyond Present Future Feminisms

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This text stems from the need to enter into a dialog with the Feminist Futures Festival that was held in Amiens and Lisbon in January this year. As one of five twin or tripled festivals happening between 2021 and 2024, each festival takes place in similar versions, one after the other in two different cities.

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