Cultural policies after the crisis, Abstract of the lecture by Robert Alagjiovski

Cultural policies after the crisis

lecture by Robert Alagjiovski

 6 May 2017, 12 – 2 p.m.

Skopje, Youth Cultural Center (Младински Културен Центар Скопје)



Based on definitions and theoretical approaches from authors like Matarasso, Bianchini, Landry, etc. this presentation would focus on some general dilemma and problems in the goals and understanding of the cultural policies.

It will more specifically describe and analyze the worrying trends in cultural policies across Europe after the Financial crisis of 2008 and the growing trends of neoliberalism, precarity, xenophobia and migration. It would refer on the specific approach on culture of the hybrid regimes in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It would describe the situation in the cultural field in Macedonia, and the experience of the author in developing post-crisis cultural policy of decontamination, democratization and normalization.


Robert Alagjozovski (1973)

Skopje based free lance writer, researcher, cultural manager, art and culture critic.

M.A. in Comparative literature from Skopje University. PHD student at Skopje Faculty of economy on Local development through culture. Author of four books and dozen of studies from Philology, Film and Cultural Policy. Former President of the Brussels’ based Oracle network of European cultural managers and trainer at the Marcel Hicter’s European Diploma in Cultural Project Management. Member of Independent writers of Macedonia and of the editorial board of Sarajevo notebooks. He has been involved in many projects on cultural decentralization, interculturalism, regional or international cooperation. He has translated several important books from English and Serbo-Croatian into Macedonian.


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