Dictionary of Invisible Work

Note to the reader This dictionary is a tool for sharing cultural workers` experiences of invisible work. We call “invisible” the work that takes up a significant part of our daily routine, however without being acknowledged as “actual” work. This dictionary particularly focuses on activities that are, on the one hand, essential for our “official” …

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Dance to No Ideals

Thinking with Sequel for the Future / a Dance in 2043 / a Dance in 2044 By Shir Hacham and Livia Andrea Piazza In common language, irony and cynicism might be perceived as similar registers. Yet, according to Franco Bifo Berardi, the origin of this equivalence is to be found in late modernity, when the …

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a word cloud graphic

CP3_Reader (2016): Contents Agamben, Giorgio (2011). “Toward a Theory of Destituent Potential“. in The Use of Bodies. Stanford Uni Press: Stanford CA. Badiou, Alain (2004). “Dance as a metaphor for thought“, in Handbook of Inaesthetics. Stanford Uni Press: Stanford CA. Bohm, David (1989). “Meaning and Information“. in Pylkkanen, Paavo (ed.), The Search for Meaning – …

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A lot of books, a generic photo

Critical Practice (Made in Yugoslavia): Cycle 1 (2014-15) A GENERAL READER 1. Is this art at all? Arthur Danto, “The Artworld,“ Journal of Philosophy LXI, 1964 (PDF) George Dickie, “What is Art?; An Institutional Analysis“, in Art and Philosophy, W. E. Kennick (ed), New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1979 2. On the (new) politicality of …

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