Critical Practice (Made in Yu) seminar

Critical Practice (Made in Yu) seminar
Conceived by Ana Vujanović

February 27 – March 3, 2023

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The initial seminar of the new cycle of the Critical Practice (Made in YU) program will evolve around: recent critical discourses in performing arts and culture, coming from the cultural space of Yugoslavia, favourite (inspiring, influential, important) texts proposed by the participants, and works of the participants of the previous cycles of the CP program.

Format-wise, we will combine discussions of assigned readings, talks with authors of texts, and working sessions.

The texts selected to be discussed or talked about with invited authors are to be read in advance.

Further seminar-like situations will be self-organized and based on the texts proposed by the participants.

Monday 27 February, 10-13:00

  • 10-11 Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulakovski, Marijana Cvetković: Introduction into the CP program + a round of participants’ brief intros
  • 11-11.45 Biljana, Marijana, Ana Vujanović: individual presentations of positions, works, and concerns
  • 12-13 Ana: Bojana Kunst, “Beyond the time of the right care” (group discussion)

Tuesday 28 February, 10-13:00

  • 10-11 Marijana: internal group session – exploring the texts from the CP blog (by previous participants)
  • 11.30-12.15 Ana: Bojana Cvejić, “The Transindividual Act of Self-Burning” (interview & group discussion)
  • 12.30-13 Ana: internal group talk

Wednesday 1 March, 10-13:00

  • 10-10.45 Ana: Ana Dubljević, “Feminist dramaturgy” (group discussion)
  • 11-12 Ana: internal group session – presenting texts for a common reader and selecting one-two for the discussion on Thursday
  • 12.15-13 Biljana: Slavčo Dimitrov, “To Become Again What We Have Never Been” (interview & group discussion) 

Thursday 2 March, 10-13:00

  • 10-11.30 self-organized discussion around a text or texts proposed by the participants
  • 12-13 Marijana / Biljana: Planning further activities

Friday 3 March, 10-13:00

  • 10.30-11.15 Ana: Nina Gojić (CP alumna), “Collective practices – magazine Kretanja / Movements and other experience (interview with Nina)
  • 11.30-12.30 a close-reading session led by Anka Herbut, Elena Novakovits, Jette Büchsenschütz, and Maeve Johnson (Critical Practice group 4): “The sweetness of salt” 
  • 10-10.30 Ana, Marijana, Biljana: internal group talk – a wrap up