List of participants of the first programme cycle

The jury selected following applicants to be participants of the first programme cycle of Critical practice (Made in Yugoslavia):

Heike Bröckerhoff (Germany)

Milka Ivanovska (Macedonia)

Magda Lipska (Poland)

Marialena Marouda (Greece/Germany)

Maja Mrđenović (Montenegro)

Jasmina Založnik (Slovenia)


An explanation of the selection process and criteria:

By 10 February 2014, we received 80 complete applications, and the jury found most of them very good. This made the work of the jury members—Marijana Cvetković, Tom Engels, Iva Nerina Sibila, Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski and Ana Vujanović—extremely delicate.

What guided us through the selection procedure was above all an attempt to infer, on the one hand, who could benefit from our program most, and on the other, whose participation could be of as big as possible benefit to our program. According to that, the criteria that determined our decisions—apart from the quality of writing samples—were defined in terms of an assumed:

contribution to the professional development of participants,

contribution of the participants to the improvement of critical practices in their local contexts of performing arts, and

potential of them enhancing collaboration with colleagues coming from other context thus helping a sustainable future platform for critical practices at the contemporary international performing arts scene(s).

Apart from that we paid attention to a balance between the contexts the participants come from, sometimes trying to support the ones that lack relevant critical writing and debate about contemporary performing arts more than others, sometimes having to reduce the number of participants coming from the same context.


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