Critical Practice (Made in Yugoslavia): Cycle 1 (2014-15)


1. Is this art at all?

  • Arthur Danto, “The Artworld,“ Journal of Philosophy LXI, 1964 (PDF)
  • George Dickie, “What is Art?; An Institutional Analysis“, in Art and Philosophy, W. E. Kennick (ed), New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1979

2. On the (new) politicality of performance

3. Doing and making performances: On performance practice and labor

  • Giorgio Agamben, ‘Poiesis and Praxis’, ‘Privation Is Like a Face’, in The Man Without Content, Stanford Ca: Stanford University Press 1999 (PDF)
  • Ana Vujanović, “What Do We Actually Do when We… Make Art”. Amfiteatar 2 & Maska 127-130, 2010; Cine Qua Non 8, 2014 (also at http://howtodothingsbytheory.info)

4. Recent issues: collaboration, participation, research, personality & authorship

5. ‘Dramaturgical troubles’ in contemporary performing arts

  • Bojana Kunst, “The Economy of Proximity: Dramaturgical Work in Contemporary Dance”, Performance Research 14: 3, 2009
  • Bojana Cvejić, “Dramaturgy: A Friendship of Problems“, TkH 18: ‘Dance/Theory – Reloaded’, 2010 (http://www.old.tkh-generator.net/en/casopis/tkh-18)

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