Contemporary Dance in Europe; abstract of the seminar with Bojana Cvejic

Contemporary Dance in Europe: Vicissitudes of the Field seminar with Bojana Cvejic 13 June, 3pm-6pm & 14 June, 1pm-4pm, Brussels   During the 1990s, a new set of actors and working conditions, as well as institutional infrastructures emerged in the European dance scene, often coupled or identified with “performance”. In retrospect, it is considered under …

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Schedule of the gathering in Belgrade, 1-7 May 2014

Critical practice (made in Yugoslavia): Cycle 1 Preliminary schedule of the gathering in Belgrade, 1-7 May 2014 2 May: 11am-1.30pm intro + presentation of contemporary independent performing arts scene in Belgrade by Marijana Cvetković and Ana Vujanović 3pm-5pm seminar with Ana Vujanović (theoretical frameworks of contemporary critical practice in performing arts: “Is this art / …

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Critical Practice (Made in Yugoslavia): Cycle 1 (2014-15) A GENERAL READER 1. Is this art at all? Arthur Danto, “The Artworld,“ Journal of Philosophy LXI, 1964 (PDF) George Dickie, “What is Art?; An Institutional Analysis“, in Art and Philosophy, W. E. Kennick (ed), New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1979 2. On the (new) politicality of …

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List of participants of the first programme cycle

The jury selected following applicants to be participants of the first programme cycle of Critical practice (Made in Yugoslavia): Heike Bröckerhoff (Germany) Milka Ivanovska (Macedonia) Magda Lipska (Poland) Marialena Marouda (Greece/Germany) Maja Mrđenović (Montenegro) Jasmina Založnik (Slovenia)   An explanation of the selection process and criteria: By 10 February 2014, we received 80 complete applications, …

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Cycle 1: Schedule of gatherings

The schedule of gatherings and group work structures, within the fist programme cycle (April 2014 – April 2015)* Belgrade, 1 – 7 May 2014 programme focus: a seminar with Ana Vujanović 2 – 6 May host: Marijana Cvetković of Station Service for contemporary dance Brussels, 9/10 (to be confirmed) – 16 June 2014 programme focuses: a seminar with Bojana Cvejić 10 …

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Critical Practice (Made in Yugoslavia)

Deadline: 10 February, 2014 

Emerging authors (writers, critics, researchers, theoreticians) from Europe and those interested in further professional development in the field of critical practice in contemporary performing arts can advance their writing and discussion skills within within the framework of Critical Practice (Made in Yugoslavia).
This Critical Practice edition draws on the on conceptual performing arts platforms that have been recently developed at the geo-politically non-existing territory of Yugoslavia, such as those generated by TkH [Walking Theory], Nomad Dance Academy, Maska, Frakcija etc. It consists of three one-year non-residential programme cycles focused on the education and practical work of participants. Its purpose is to advance the professional development of authors from the region of former Yugoslavia and elsewhere, and to encourage a more profound, more visible and more accessible critical reflection on the contemporary performing arts, enhancing their visibility and stimulating dialogue with audiences. Its concrete outcomes will be articles, essays, reviews and other formats of critical writing published online or in diverse publications, as well as live discussions, interviews and talks with dance and performance makers.

The cycles have a modular structure, combining seminars, workshops and practical engagement at certain events (festivals, conferences, exhibitions, etc.) as group work structures, with the continual individual or collective work of participants.

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